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5 Year Olds Coding Without Technology

Melissa Dann (@meld70) is a prep teacher in Melbourne Australia who has begun exploring the concepts of coding with her five year old students. Yesterday she sent me the email below. As she reflects on her own practice, I applaud her confidence in considering a blog post – way to take a risk! As such, I […]

T is for Twitter & Transparency

T is for Twitter & Transparency

I am a transparent teacher. I am a transparent learner. I tweet a lot. I’ve heard every joke about me tweeting all day, living on twitter etc. and I’m OK with it. Better yet, I am great with it. It is a wealth of information, ideas, best practices and honest admissions of risk taking and […]

We Are at the End of Forgetting - Highlights From #etfot4t

We Are at the End of Forgetting – Highlights From #etfot4t

This weekend I had the fortunate opportunity to attend and present at the ETFO ICT Conference in Toronto. The #etfot4t conference doesn’t start until 10:30 and the room is getting full already! #ETFO members eager to learn! pic.twitter.com/533rW3Q9ju — Jerry DeQuetteville (@jdeq) April 17, 2015 Learning with 180+ colleagues! Excited! #etfot4t pic.twitter.com/17kzNngZW4 — Mrs. Mott’s […]

Coding Fractal Art Using Mathematics #csk8

Coding Fractal Art Using Mathematics #csk8

Although this was an Art task, our Art teacher (@MrsPDU) allowed my students to code their fractal piece. Check out the Geometry expectations this also covered, besides the Art component. Grade 8 – Students Will: demonstrate an understanding of the geometric properties of quadrilaterals and circles and the applications of geometric properties in the real […]

A Problem With Frameworks & Units

I have always wondered why learning stops at the end of a unit. Let me be more specific. When following a framework or guide, we group strands into timeframes. For example, three weeks will be spent on probability in math or this month we are writing narratives. Where I really struggle with this is early […]