We Are at the End of Forgetting – Highlights From #etfot4t

We Are at the End of Forgetting - Highlights From #etfot4t

This weekend I had the fortunate opportunity to attend and present at the ETFO ICT Conference in Toronto.

Dr. Alec Couros gave an emotional keynote Saturday. He reminded us about digital citizenship and that we should use technology, but use it safely. I loved his line “we are at the end of forgetting” when describing digital footprints. For the first time in history, our lives are forever being archived through websites, Facebook, instagram and twitter.

My session ran from 8:30 am – 10:00 am on Saturday. We tinkered, coded, inquired and problem solved.

Jen Apgar was involved in a great hands on session with Minecraft. It was a packed room and people were eager to create content!

Richard Parker shared some really cool coding tools as well as Scratch to get kids to create content by coding. You can see Scratch here: http://scratch.mit.edu

Eric and Kristen Wideen had a wonderful session on Book Creator.

I attended a Flipped Learning session with Cameron Steltman who gave a hands on Edpuzzle walk through.

Edpuzzle is an application that allows you to add content to existing internet videos. Teachers can find youtube videos and under the Edpuzzle platform, add questions that will pause the video. A nifty little tool for diagnostic assessment. Students can view the content at their own pace.

Cameron has graciously shared his resources here:

Michelle Cordy explained everything in one of her sessions. Check it out:

She also presented with Lisa Morris about GAFE and inquiry:

I would be doing Ruth Dawson et al a disservice if I didn’t mention the outstanding food. A pampered experience indeed. Thank you to everyone!

As you prepare for the upcoming week, consider your digital footprint. What can we find out about you from Google? What can you find out about your students from Google?

Our learning continued on the ride home late last night. Via rail even replied to my tweet while onboard.

Yes, we are at the end of forgetting…and that’s OK. Viewing Poppa on Street View is something Google has archived for me. I can visit him anytime, anywhere…and that’s just awesome! Miss you, Poppa!

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