We Are at the End of Forgetting - Highlights From #etfot4t

We Are at the End of Forgetting – Highlights From #etfot4t

This weekend I had the fortunate opportunity to attend and present at the ETFO ICT Conference in Toronto. The #etfot4t conference doesn't start until 10:30 and the room is getting full already! #ETFO members eager to learn! pic.twitter.com/533rW3Q9ju — Jerry DeQuetteville (@jdeq) April 17, 2015 Learning with 180+ colleagues! Excited! #etfot4t pic.twitter.com/17kzNngZW4 — Mrs. Mott’s […]

Coding Fractal Art Using Mathematics #csk8

Coding Fractal Art Using Mathematics #csk8

Although this was an Art task, our Art teacher (@MrsPDU) allowed my students to code their fractal piece. Check out the Geometry expectations this also covered, besides the Art component. Grade 8 – Students Will: demonstrate an understanding of the geometric properties of quadrilaterals and circles and the applications of geometric properties in the real […]

A Problem With Frameworks & Units

I have always wondered why learning stops at the end of a unit. Let me be more specific. When following a framework or guide, we group strands into timeframes. For example, three weeks will be spent on probability in math or this month we are writing narratives. Where I really struggle with this is early […]

#BOSC - A Learning to Code Continuum

#BOSC – A Learning to Code Continuum

As we continue to have conversations about coding in schools I routinely am asked where to start. I usually mention an app or two but I always question whether this is the right approach – many students already have a more natural understanding of coding than their teachers and I know nothing about someones’s skill […]