Hot Off The Press! Liv’s Seashells & Discomfort By Design

Hot Off The Press! Liv's Seashells & Discomfort By Design

Discomfort By Design: An Inspirational Guide To Fostering Critical Thinking, Life Skills, And Problem Solving Both In The Classroom And In The Real World by Chad LeDune.

Read any school’s mission statement and you will probably discover each strives to prepare students for the world that awaits them after their educational journey. This is a world full of experiences and challenges which are outside the comfort zones of many of our students. All of this will require specific skills and traits which are often overlooked by our current, result-oriented, education system. Discomfort by Design takes you on an entertaining and inspirational journey through a process of stepping out of our comfort zones both in and outside of the classroom. Along the way, Discomfort by Design fosters essential skills in all of us, promotes critical thinking and problem-solving, and encourages us to pursue becoming a better version of ourselves. It’s a life-changing message and process that every student, teacher, administrator, and parent needs to experience.

Editorial Reviews:

If you want to see the real face of education — the one fraught with challenges and setbacks yet leads to inspiration — this book is for you. Chad LeDune shares his own discomfort and how it helped him improve as an educator. You’ll learn about design learning and a framework for creating meaningful learning. It is Discomfort by Design, something Chad has earned and freely shares in these pages!
Matt Miller| Educator | Speaker | Author of Ditch That Textbook

When young Liv visits the seashore, she comes to life soaking in the salty air and sparkling sun. Her adventure takes her on a journey to discover uniquely different seashells as she sets out to show them all a special kind of compassion. Stoked that Liv debuted at #1 in Inclusive Education!

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