Happy December From Code Breaker Inc.!

Happy December From Code Breaker Inc.!

Welcome back to the Code Breaker blog as we say goodbye to November and hello to December! Read the original post here!

You’ll find news on book releases, stories about our authors, and new and noteworthy details about all things Code Breaker right here! 

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On the Editor’s Desk…

This month we will see the release of Dr. Brandon Beck’s highly anticipated first book, Unlocking Unlimited Potential: Understanding the Infinite Power Within to Guide Any Student Toward Success

Divided into three parts, Building the Foundation, Challenges as Opportunities For Growth, and Believing In You, Unlocking Unlimited Potential reminds readers of their ‘why’. We are challenged to discover that inside all educators there is an infinite power that once harnessed can be contagious among all those we serve. Stay tuned to our socials for a release date this month!

The Code Breaker Kid Collection

November saw the release of Jillian DuBois‘ Liv’s Seashells. When young Liv visits the seashore, she comes to life soaking in the salty air and sparkling sun. 

Her adventure takes her on a journey to discover uniquely different seashells as she sets out to show them all a special kind of compassion. Don’t miss out on this amazing story of compassion and beautiful reminder that what makes us unique is what makes us extraordinary!

Hitting bookshelves this month is the latest in our Gracie series. Daphne McMenemy and Alexandria Masse are bringing us Gracie: The Maker in the third book of the series. 

We are introduced to Edie, Gracie’s newest friend. Together, Edie and Gracie create a machine to feed their class pet, Turbo the tortoise. The girls must work together to plan and design, test and retest their invention. It will take teamwork and perseverance. Will Gracie and Edie figure out a way to help Turbo? 

Stay tuned to our socials for a release date and grab your copy of Gracie: The Maker just in time for the holidays!

New on the Bookshelf

November saw the release of Discomfort by Design: An Inspirational Guide to Fostering Critical Thinking, Life Skills, and Problem Solving both in the Classroom and in the Real World. 

Chad LeDune was met with rave reviews on his first release. Matt Miller, Educator, Speaker and Author of Ditch That Textbook had this to say…

“If you want to see the real face of education — the one fraught with challenges and setbacks yet leads to inspiration — this book is for you. Chad LeDune shares his own discomfort and how it helped him improve as an educator. You’ll learn about design learning and a framework for creating meaningful learning. It is Discomfort by Design, something Chad has earned and freely shares in these pages!”

Alice Aspinall’s Look for the Math Around You 6-book series is a collection of real-life photos with question prompts to help start math conversations with children. 

Available as an eBook and in paperback, this series is perfect for reading at home or in the classroom. Math is everywhere around us. The series, which includes Geometry, Patterns, Arrays, Math Chats, Fractions, and Estimation will help children see math in their daily lives.

Are eBooks More Your Style?

You’re in luck! Daily STEMRoad to AwesomeChoose To Be You, and Fired Up Leadership are now all available on Kindle. Our entire Leadership Series and Practical Series are all available as eBooks. Visit our Books page to browse our selection!


December 7 – 13th, 2020 marks Computer Science Education Week. Called the largest learning event in history, Computer Science Education Week aims to get K-12 students excited about computer coding.

From CSEdWeek.orgComputer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) was founded as a call to action to raises awareness about the need to elevate computer science education at all levels and to underscore the critical role of computing in all careers. In January of 2015, the Hour of Code reached 100 million “hours served,” making the Hour of Code and CS Education Week the largest education campaign in history.

Computer Science is fundamental for student success. Studies show that those students who study computer science perform better in other subjects, excel at problem-solving and develop essential life skills that set them up for success! Share your #CSEdWeek activities all next week on Twitter with #CodeBreaker!

What’s New at CodeBreakerEDU.com?

Looking for a new blog to read? We’ve got your covered. Our Blog Networkis a collection of writing from our ambassadors, authors and friends. 

Need some Code Breaker gear? Our Code Breaker Shop opened last month with a great selection of items! Browse our selection of clothing and accessories and spoil yourself, you deserve it! Go ahead! Add. To. Cart!

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