A MindShare Moment Podcast – “It’s OK to be where you are, it’s not OK to stay there.”

A MindShare Moment Podcast - "It's OK to be where you are, it's not OK to stay there."


Special thanks to Robert Martellacci for having me as a guest on the MindShare Moment Podcast. Always a pleasure to chat with you! Good luck with your grand opening!

From the December issue of the MindShare Learning Report:

At our recent Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit, I questioned why we are still talking about, ‘pockets of innovation.’ Every school and district across Canada has the potential to be a beacon of innovation. It’s no longer an option to be status quo in this highly competitive global economy. I challenged educators and tech leaders to get beyond the fear factor and take risks and innovate as our kids’ future depends on you.

This December issue provides strategic insights from our Summit, including, keynote podcasts and highlights that I hope will spark your imagination and inspire you to innovate your classroom, school or district. Special thanks to our team, delegates, presenters and sponsors for helping make it our best ever summit!

Please have a listen to our interview below:

You can view the full issue here of the MindShare Learning Report here! 

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