January 2016

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Learn to Code "Space Shooter" #CodeBreaker

Learn to Code “Space Shooter” #CodeBreaker

  Press “a” to begin. Clouds appear at random. Aliens enter the screen every few seconds. Destroy 10 aliens to win. Press “space” to fire. Project page: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/95785178/#player For more lessons, activities and ideas, grab a copy of my book, Code Breaker, on Amazon here! TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedinemailReddit

The Importance of Conversation

The Importance of Conversation

  When considering assessment and evaluation, it is important that any culminating activities accurately match the delivery of previous lessons. This week I wrote about Mathland, a place described by Seymour Papert in which students are immersed in mathematics. They construct their own knowledge of mathematics with tangible options and computer coding. Papert was a firm […]