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How Can You Assess My Creativity?

How Can You Assess My Creativity?

We recently conducted an LKDSB Youth Talk for intermediate students to share their voices. It was modelled after TEDx and we had a great turn out of students, teachers and parents. Stay tuned for it on youtube. One talk stood out to me and has me thinking again. I just read Is our job as […]

Connectedness – Highlights from #CanConnectEd15

  CanConnectEd was not your typical edtech conference. Of course there were sessions on tools, apps and such. But the big idea around the “connected” conference was, well, the idea of being connected. Thank you @mraspinall because I learned something for the 1st time today. #CanConnect15 very validating. — Alanna King (@banana29) May 7, 2015 […]