Take The New Code Breaker Courses!

Take The New Code Breaker Courses!


Welcome to Python101!

Our latest course is now live and I could not be more excited! With Hour of Code (err…Computer Science Education Week) on the horizon (December 3), why not a better time than now to launch our Python course!

  • Have you mastered block based coding tools?
  • Are you looking to try a syntax based language?
  • Check out our Python101 course for beginners!!

Click here to access the course! 



Hello World!

I am excited to share two new courses I have created to help teachers and students integrate coding into their classrooms. In full disclosure, the contents of the courses are available on this blog free of charge – BUT, I have taken the time to curate my favourite lessons and activities and put them in one spot.

As this blog continues to grow, so do bandwidth costs. I love sharing my stuff with the world and will continue to do so, and many educators have asked for a “one stop shop” of goodies from years of posts here. I get it, time is valuable and we are all busy.

SO, the Code Breaker Courses are LIVE!

I have created two courses to date, “Scratching the Surface” and “Coding With Micro:Bit” as well as a bundle – both courses at a reduced rate.

Feel free to share with friends, family and colleagues! Thank you all for the continued support on this blog!

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