New Course! Python101!

New Course! Python101!

Welcome to Python101!

Our latest course is now live and I could not be more excited! With Hour of Code (err…Computer Science Education Week) on the horizon (December 3), why not a better time than now to launch our Python course!

  • Have you mastered block based coding tools?
  • Are you looking to try a syntax based language?
  • Check out our Python101 course for beginners!!

Click here to access the course! 

Check out the course overview:

Crack the code for your students’ success! Future-ready students need to be creative. They need to know how to communicate their ideas and how to collaborate as problem solvers. And to master these and other twenty-first-century requirements, they will need to be critical thinkers. In Code Breaker, educator Brian Aspinall shares his insights on how to turn curriculum expectations into skills. Students identify problems, develop solutions, and use coding and computational thinking to apply and demonstrate their learning.

From Aspinall’s collection of real-life examples and practical lesson ideas, you’ll discover how to…

  • Use computational thinking and coding across all subjects and grade levels
  • Encourage students to let their skills and passions shine
  • Teach learners to take risks so they can grow from failure and feedback

You don’t have to be a “computer geek” to empower your students with these essential skills. Code Breaker equips you to use computational thinking and coding in your classroom—regardless of your computer skill level—to increase creativity, remix assessment, and develop a class of coder ninjas!

Are you ready? Click here to begin! 

About Brian Aspinall

Brian Aspinall is an educator and best selling author who is considered one of the brightest STEM innovators in education. His book, Code Breaker – 15+ Ways to Get Started With Coding, continues to top the charts in STEM Education with a focus on rethinking assessment and evaluation. Recently he was awarded the Canadian Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence for his work with coding and computational thinking. His enthusiasm, thought leadership, and approach to building capacity within STEM education has made him a sought after speaker throughout North America and has earned him the honour of being selected as Canada’s first Minecraft, Micro:Bit, and Makey Makey Ambassadors!

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