The latest addition to the Code Breaker BEST SELLER’s group is Dr. Frank Rudnesky’s FIRED UP LEADERSHIP which dropped at #1 in the School Principals and Superintendents category! Head on over to Code Breaker Inc. to grab your own copy!

When you consciously make the decision to accept your role as a leader, amazing things happen! As you pursue balance in your life, the five domains of Fired Up Leadership allow you to create a culture of leadership. A culture of leadership creates a culture of passion. That is the center of Fired Up Leadership. As you empower people to pursue their passion and become leaders, your leadership ability increases exponentially. Leadership becomes a choice not a position. Your vision becomes a reality through your mission. People are taken to levels they never thought possible. Get Fired Up, people!


Frank is all about helping you and your kids believe that leaders are made, not born. Fired Up Leadership is filled with practical steps, stories, and encouragement to help everyone have the tools necessary to become a leader.
Chris Woods Educator | Author | Speaker | STEM Nerd

Fired Up Leadership propels you from words into action. Through powerful stories, practical exercises, and sound wisdom, Dr. Rudnesky entertains you with his innate passion for not only making people better, but helping them lead from the heart. All of this leads to better schools with students who are empowered and ready to make the world a better place.
Dr. Brandon Beck Author | Speaker | Educator

When it comes to leadership in the field of education, it simply doesn’t get much better than Dr. Frank Rudnesky. With so many years of experience in leadership development, he has a plethora of ideas, tips, and strategies for maximizing the leadership capacity in students and educators alike. Frank has a knack for challenging the status quo and creating new perspectives, and this book is no exception. You’re going to reflect, you’re going to relate, and, most importantly, you’re going to grow throughout the course of this book. Fired Up Leadership is an absolute grand slam if you are looking to take your leadership skills to the next level!
Dr. Phil Campbell | Educator Jostens Renaissance Ambassador Host of The Green Room Podcast Series

The adage, “there is strength in numbers” rings true throughout Frank’s words as he strives to build, foster, and grow more leaders. For many years, and to countless people, Frank has served as a trusted advisor and mentor when it comes to leadership and the wisdom shared in Fired Up Leadership will serve everyone in their endeavor to be a better leader and a better person.
Bradlee W. Skinner Author | Educator | Speaker

You can’t help but be “Fired Up” when you read this book. Dr. Rudnesky’s reminder to use experiences that shaped us through our lives to define the type of leader we can be, is both insightful and empowering. His encouragement to let our innate character traits, our ability to communicate and listen, our desire to serve, influence our leadership capabilities is empowering. Using team building to empower others and encouraging others to bring solutions to the table, helps when we need to set goals, lead a vision and live out our intentions. Let passion drive you and celebrate along the way! Keep pushing those boundaries!
Melissa Daddabbo | Administrator

While all of the domains are powerful, I stopped and reread Domain 5: Passion, several times. The proposal that “passion beats data every time” is one I have based my career on. Sparking change and shifting our language from “what if?” to “I am” is what I’ve been shouting from the rooftops for years. You will catch yourself nodding in agreement throughout the entire read.The inspirational ideas will undoubtedly assist other leaders to become FIRED UP to pay it forward, ignite passion and be the very best version of themselves – and support others in doing the same.
Dr. Lori Koerner Educator | Administrator | Fulbright Specialist Scholar

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