31 Ontario Teacher Twitter Accounts Worth Following

My PLN is growing everyday with teachers from all over the world. In no particular order, I want to share some “local” twitter accounts worth following – teachers within the province of Ontario.

I don’t want to offend anyone I missed so my formula for this list is based on who I have tweeted with recently, tweet often, RT, MT, DM or just follow closely.

  1. @DavidFifeVP – Vice Principal at Mitchell Hepburn P.S in St. Thomas, Ontario. Former Learning Technologies Coordinator, passionate about #edtech, leadership and student voice.
  2. @sbruyns  – Learning Supervisor with TVDSB. Languages Portfolio (literacy, ESL, FSL, SWS, NL) Passionate about Leadership, Learning and Life.
  3. @avivaloca – Formerly @grade1. Went from 11 years of teaching K-2 to teaching Gr.6. Now teaching Grade 5: an exciting new adventure!
  4. @6Chotline – Grade 8 teacher who would like to use twitter to further communicate with parents on ongoing classroom activities.
  5. @mrbillforrester – Grade 8 teacher-math, language & science. Teaching through technology, accountable talk, inquiry, co-creation and a loving touch. HWDSB MsEd
  6. @bloggucation – I am a K-12 educator and Parent / Student Engagement Consultant with a 21st Century Learning Lens for the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board.
  7. @Cowpernicus – K-8 Principal, EdCampSWO team, Prof. learning and CFGs, Father, Husband, Marathoner, Health, Food. I am a curious being–P.F.
  8. @mrswideen – Apple Distinguished Educator who loves collaborating with other teachers, using technology in my classroom & sharing the fantastic things we are doing at school
  9. @mrwideen – This is a two school, multiple classroom Twitter feed used to tell the community about the fantastic things we are doing at my two schools.
  10. @shannonhazel73 – gr. 4 teacher & teacher-librarian at Amherstburg PS, instructional coach, gecdsb, edcampSWO team member, AQ course instructor
  11. @dougpete – Educator, Presenter & always on the look for something new to learn. Latest shares at: http://www.rebelmouse.com/dougpete . Blog at http://dougpete.wordpress.com
  12. @sadone – Don’t FIGHT Technology, Use the RIGHT Technology…! Vice Principal Online Learning St. Joseph’s Catholic High School Windsor, Ontario Canada
  13. @Sharon_Drummond – Program Consultant (A&E) by day, aspiring photographer by night. A little bit of foodie thrown in for good measure.
  14. @anneshillolo – Teaching many Gr. 5-8 subjects at small northern school, hanging out at intersection of tech and literacy. (Re)writing mysteries and YA.
  15. @peterskillen – Education bricoleur. LOL Longtime K-12 teacher. PD guy. http://globaldignity.ca , ISTE ambassador, iEARN, ECOO, PBL, YMCA. Question Authority! Authoritatively.
  16. @cyndiejacobs – I worked at the York Region DSB for 24 years, followed by 8 years at OTF as Director of Curriculum and Assessment. I am now retired!
  17. @pluggedportable – Advocating for relevancy in schools. Equipping S’s w/ 21st century skill set. Passionate about #BYOD, #edtech, #digilead, #gafe. Father. Husband. Gamer. Cook.
  18. @MrOrr_geek – Math Teacher,Geek!
  19. @MathletePearce – Secondary Math 1:1 iPads, Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE), ADE CDN Advisory Board, Apple Authorized Trainer (APD), GECDSB MYCI Lead & Coach. #EdTech #ipaded
  20. @markwcarbone – CIO, Waterloo Region DSB. Leader & Learner: connect, learn, reflect, share ~ make a difference! #edwrdsb #plpnetwork #OntCl #OSAPAC #ECOO #CE13 OASBO PLPeep
  21. @acampbell99 – Father, grade 5 teacher, writer. Believe in the power of constructivism, technology, Burnley Football Club & that laughter will help.
  22. @chriscoyle – Elementary school principal in the LKDSB.
  23. @syncsk8r – Grade 1/2 Teacher with LKDSB ~ Technology Novice ~ Classroom Champions Participant ~ Lifelong Learner … Education is the most powerful weapon…
  24. @MatthewMikhaila – Gr 4/5 teacher with LKDSB part time philosopher and bee keeper. Like to tinker and build things. #lkdsbchat #geniushour
  25. @bgrasley – e-Learning Contact in Northern Ontario. I also read, write, paint, play guitar, code, draw, nordic ski, run, take pictures, shoot, cook, and play with the kids.
  26. @AndrewBieronski – Teacher, life-long learner, optimist, philosopher, world traveller, avid reader, jock, romantic, love of history and all things tech – a walking contradiction.
  27. @fryed – Ontario Education Officer, School Leader, Environmentalist, OSAPAC, runner, paddler, mom, voracious learner [Tweets are my own/not reflective of my employer]
  28. @HeatherTouzin – District Assistive Tech. Resource Teacher – Secondary with LKDSB. Blended Learning Teacher. Film & Travel junkie. Secret Fangirl. All Tweets mine #lkdsbchat
  29. @nobleknits2 – Wearer of many (handknit) hats – mom, spouse, teacher, knitter, spinner, reader, writer, learner, explorer, adventurer,#aimlang fan.
  30. @igniteincite – Ignite ideas. Incite action. Inspire change – to the way we teach students.
  31. @andrewgodin – Spreading my love for all things education and geek related.


** Update **

There are so many great educators from Ontario on twitter that I thought it would be best to create an ‘add yourself’ list. If you are an educator from Ontario, please add yourself to the ever growing list here:


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