There Is No Room For Ego in School #leadership #lkdsb

There Is No Room For Ego in School #leadership #lkdsb

I read a short article this weekend about the possibility of schools letting teachers operate the direction based on consensus of staff. Not just about classroom decisions, but budgets and even hiring.

It’s a unique idea and there is a video here from PBS:

I thought about this for a while this weekend. Although I have no direct control over hiring or budgets, our school’s model is completely flat. What I mean is there is very little bureaucratic decision making from “the top”. I love the idea of schools letting teachers run the direction and I am happy our school is one of them.

However, what makes us unique is it doesn’t stop there. Our school’s direction is shaped by admin, teachers, EAs, students and parents. We are a team – a community. It’s been a long time since I worked in a school in our district where it was a “bureaucratic top down model” like the article suggests is the only alternative.

I tweeted the article and suggested allowing students operate the direction. One response in particular caught my eye.

I paused for a moment here and thought about this reply. Are their still administrators out there concerned with ego? From what I have seen and read about leadership – ego cannot exist. My VP quickly joined our conversation:

I realize – and Jeff confirmed – the choice of the word was limited by the 140 characters. He didn’t necessarily mean “ego” – but more about the administrative duties assigned by the powers beyond who often limit the freedom.

Either way, it got me thinking. There is no room for ego in schools – at any level. Great administrative leaders create great teacher leaders, who in turn create great student leaders. Great leaders do not have ego. Great leaders do not pretend to know everything. Great leaders are humble.

I challenge you to lead by example tomorrow. Don’t let ego interfere with learning – yours and your students.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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