Thanks Twitter…Again – Spreading the word with @msteele14 @TracyVDB

Thanks Twitter...Again - Spreading the word with @msteele14 @TracyVDB

Teachers have been blogging for years now about the power of social media and the importance of belonging to a PLN so I don’t expect this post to be a surprise to anyone but I would still like to recount yesterdays events.

Let me rewind a bit. This weekend our senior boys basketball team participated in a 16 team tournament at John McGregor Secondary School in Chatham. There were teams from all over the place – Windsor, Sarnia, Ridgetown.

I was unable to attend Friday night to reasons beyond my control but was anxious and excited to be there all day Saturday.

Until I got up.


I’m sure I am not the only one tired of this winter’s weather already. My street was buried…again. I couldn’t see pavement from any viewpoint in the house. Just white blankets and hills. Immediately I checked my phone looking for a text message about the tournament being cancelled. Nothing. Next I checked my school email. Nothing.

“Maybe it’s too early” I thought although knowing the first game was only thirty minutes away. So I did what any coach would do and reached out to the bosses looking for an answer. My emails and text messages were eventually received but not before someone sent me a tweet first.

This is not uncommon in today’s world. What makes this conversation unique is that I do not follow Martin, nor does he follow me. As we both searched the twittersphere for answers we bumped into each other.

Luckily my vice principal lives in the school’s area. Now her and I could have had this conversation via email or phone but since it was on twitter, everyone else could see, including Martin.

At this point I could tell my VP was ready to go and on her phone because the twitter account changed from personal to school.

Turns out 9 of the 16 teams made the treacherous drive and were dedicated to a day of basketball.

The entire conversation above took place before I had received any kind of response on my cell phone or via email showing, yet again, why we must embrace these tools in education. Since most members of my basketball team follow on twitter, they would have seen the updates as well.

Congrats boys on the silver medal yesterday. Looking forward to the three games we have this week!


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