Micro:Bit Remote Controlled Car #CodeBreaker

Micro:Bit Remote Controlled Car #CodeBreaker


My wife’s grade 6 class is learning about circuits and electricity. One student in particular was curious to know if he could design and build a remote controlled car using Micro:Bit and servo motors.

I was curious myself so I quickly jumped on MakeCode and put together these two videos. In the first video, we test the accelerometer reading and turn on corresponding pins (LEDs) based on whether X is greater or less than 0.


Our next step is to make use of the Radio commands to broadcast the X values from one Micro:Bit to the other. Check out the video below!




Our final step before actually constructing the vehicle would be to swap out the LEDs for servo motors so that tilting a micro:bit to the right makes the car turn right, and tilting to the left makes the car go left. Here is our source code up to this point.


Stay Tuned!


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