Female Students Develop Measurement App #edtech #csk8

Below is just another example of using coding to support numeracy. Two girls, yes I said girls, coded this app to solve some of the repetitive problems required in our 2D Measurement strand.

What is great about this process is how the students had to understand and apply the relationships and formulas before they could begin to develop anything.

In a conversation last night with one of the student’s dad via twitter- he expressed his daughter’s level of engagement:

She is smiling and doing her math… my hat is off to you!

When I asked the student directly by email, she replied with:

The learning is the same but in a more fun way. Never did math homework at 10pm before till now!

Who would have thought. Engagement in math.

How would you extend this project?

(Be sure to actually click the letters. The sprites have transparent backgrounds.)

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