Createrria – Craft Your Games

Createrria - Craft Your Games

I was put onto this app by a few students in my classroom. Another great example of accountability. They are able to tell me the ‘why we need it’.

Taken from the apple site:

“Createrria turns making games into a game itself! Become famous Game Designer and create games you always wanted to play! Want to tell a story? Create awesome action game? Clever puzzler or platformer? Createrria offers you quick and super easy (no tech skills required!) game creation ready to kick-start your imagination. With just a few taps you can craft your own games and share with your friends! Createrria is powered by strong community platform allowing you to publish amazing stuff for your friends to play – or simply play and rate all the great games created by other gamers around the world. Jump in to start playing and creating games!”

On a quick glance my immediate curriculum connections went to Patterning. There is a sense of Minecraft whereas you can build ‘blocks’. The difference here is Createrria is strictly a 2D sidescroller. Looks a lot like the old Mario and Sonic days. Kids get to create something new while thinking critically about the level they are making. A lot of application here. Also a 21st century fluency – Creativity.

“Do you want your game to be a platformer? Simply paint the level with your finger, place all the contraptions, collectibles and enemies wherever you want and start jumping!  Would you like to create your own ‘annoyed fowl’ – you know;) – game? There is this stunt-bear ready to be fired from a slingshot. Build stunning constructions out of stone, wood, glass and other stuff and let your players demolish it! ”

I especially like this part:

“Thinking outside the box? Try crafting something completely new. Use various items and 2d physics sandbox to invent a completely new game and become a Createrria Legend!”

Createrria is free – and has many in app purchases. Plus your students get to publish to an authentic audience. Why not have them create a 30 second commercial persuading others to buy their game? The curriculum connections are endless. What are your ideas for this app?

Check it out here.



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