Coding a Story: Probability & Quick Write Prompts

Coding a Story: Probability & Quick Write Prompts

In this challenge we are going to code three Micro:Bits to display 1) Characters, 2) The setting and 3) The problem. As an added bonus, students would code each Micro:Bit to randomly choose one criteria from a set list.

Big Ideas:

  • Writing a narrative story
  • Computational Thinking (design thinking, logical reasoning, debugging, conditional statements)
  • Probability – Random numbers


Here is the syntax:

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-7-08-37-am screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-7-08-03-am screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-7-05-42-am


You will notice we use the OnShake input to trigger a random number. Each string is listed in a conditional IF statement and displayed if the corresponding number is chosen.


Check out the live demo below:


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