Are you an educator? Are you a student?

Are you constantly on the look for an engaging video to reassure a concept with your students?
Are you a student looking for a video clip to help your studies?

Using this service, you can search once and get results from multiple sources like teachertube, schooltube, howcast and ted.

Take the worry out of your morning routine.

clipkwik started as a solution to a problem.

Countless time has been spent by teachers and students all over the world looking for the perfect video to reassure a concept, whether it be studying order of operations in math or the war of 1812 in History.

For the past couple of years teachers like us have been using video in their lessons – assuming they could find a video that was not blocked at school by firewalls – and assuming they had the time to even look.

It became evident a tool such as this was needed. First, to save time on your video searching. Second, to help colleagues find engaging videos more easily.

Rather than searching for that perfect video fifteen times on eight different websites, why not search once on clipkwik and let us do the rest. clipkwik will search teacher / student friendly websites and deliver the most relevant content to you in a matter of seconds.

For instance, searching “Bill Nye” yielded 500+ results from eight+ websites in under two seconds.

Now that just makes sense.


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