Carpool Karaoke Edu Edition Episode 1

Carpool Karaoke Edu Edition Episode 1
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Why not.

I hope to capture my learning as well as the reflections of others across the country and beyond. A few have reached out via twitter to offer a passenger service and some have even emailed. If I am going to be in or around your city, let’s go for a drive!

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  1. Randy Porter
    Randy Porter
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    Some interesting thoughts that I also have been struggling with. When I reflect on technology, makerspace, and following the student’s interests I become very excited as the possibilities are endless for true learning and growth. My excitement dwindles as discussions in staff rooms and around schools focus on the reporting aspect of public education and the obligation to cover the vast curriculum. That thinking is always in the back of my mind and I am not sure how to quiet that voice and just go for it to see where the students lead me and if I can work the curriculum in.


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