Actually, I Can! Inspiration, Empowerment & Leadership

Actually, I Can! Inspiration, Empowerment & Leadership

Hot off the press!

Code Breaker Inc.’s latest release is live and already a NUMBER ONE in Educational Administration!

Dr. Lori Koerner defines leadership as the choices we make, the relationships we establish, and the influence we have on those we serve. 

Lori reminds readers that not only does a leader empower and encourage, they also listen actively and make certain that every member of the organization feels heard and valued. Inspiration and empowerment work in conjunction to propel our intrinsic motivation which is at the center of what fuels our soul. Empowering others has to do with the power of yet and shifting mindsets from, I can’t to I can and I will. Inspiration and empowerment require encouragement and positivity. Lori Koerner is a great new voice bringing insight, experience and humility to a much needed genre that requires the brightest of lights to be shined on it – women in leadership. Actually, I Can is engaging, relatable and full of practical wisdom and personal stories that both women and men can learn from. 

To live a life filled with one’s highest choices and brightest outcomes, one should always continue to inspire and empower – and in turn – become inspired and empowered. This book is the ultimate guide in doing so.

“They say women hold up half the sky. As this bracing book points out, we do it while also working, cooking, starting revolutions, and getting that weird goop off the couch. If you’re ready to create real change in the world, you’re going to need a little oomph. Consider this book your triple espresso.”
Lenore Skenazy, President of Let Grow & Founder of Free-Range Kids

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