A Request For Feedback

A Request For Feedback

This week I received an email from Janis Nostbakken who has an interest in data. They are hoping to collect information on the new web series I previously wrote about called Emerald Code. I have pasted the request below and hope you and your class can provide some feedback for them. After all, data and feedback are super important to helping people improve and learn!

Happy March Break!


Dear Educator,

The producers of Murdoch Mysteries and other television and online series are looking for your input on a new project they are developing for kids. Emerald Code is an online STEM-themed series of 3- to 4-minute videos. If you are willing to view an episode online and complete a survey, the producers at Shaftesbury would very much appreciate your feedback.

Here’s what to do:

1. Click on this link to get to the Emerald Code website: https://emeraldcode.ca/watch and watch an Emerald Code episode – or several (Each is less than 4 minutes long.)

2. Click on this link to watch episodes of Decoded, the companion series: https://emeraldcode.ca/watch/emerald-code-decoded#video

3. After viewing, click on this link to begin the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/EmeraldCodeEducators

The whole process should take less than 20 minutes.

Please be open and direct with your responses and comments – the producers really want to know what you think!

If you have any questions, please be in touch with me at janis@nostbakken.ca.

I realize it’s a busy time of year and am really grateful for your time on this. Thanks so much for your help!

All the best,

Janis Nostbakken


NOTE This survey is anonymous and confidential. We will not share your name or contact information with anyone.

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