February 2020

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Eduporium - Empowering The Future With Technology

Eduporium – Empowering The Future With Technology

Eduporium is a nationwide provider of EdTech for K-12 schools, libraries, makerspaces, and colleges in the US. Though they got started as simply a reseller, they learned quickly that educators need more than that. They need transparency, they need accuracy, they need quick solutions, and they often need guidance when it comes to discovering and […]

New STEM / STEAM Bundle!

New STEM / STEAM Bundle!

​Hello, world!  I am partnering with NextLesson to bring affordable STEM / STEAM content to schools! Lesson plans, resources, books and much much more! NextLesson offers standards‑aligned K‑12 projects and lessons that engage students in real world problem solving through topics they love. Our projects and lessons provide students with opportunities to develop and apply critical thinking skills […]

Dialogue, Not Monologue via @McMenemyTweets

Dialogue, Not Monologue via @McMenemyTweets

My latest educational read has been Risk Taker by Brian Aspinall.  The book is filled with relatable and thought-provoking stories and lessons written in a way only Brian can.  When I read books like this, I often write down thoughts or quotes that leave an impression.  So…here we are.  In one of his accounts about his first year teaching […]

It’s Okay to Be Where You Are - It’s Not Okay to Stay There via @McMenemyTweets

It’s Okay to Be Where You Are – It’s Not Okay to Stay There via @McMenemyTweets

I remember the year a SMART Board was installed in my classroom.  It was a game changer at the time.  I ditched the blackline masters and accompanying teacher’s manual and made my own program.  My way.  Everything we did from then on was interactive.  I loved my SMART Board.  Next came iPads.  I had access to an entire class set of iPads. […]