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[ Video ] Introducing Computational Thinking #CodeBreaker

[ Video ] Introducing Computational Thinking #CodeBreaker

Computational Thinking can take on a variety of forms. As a generalization – it means to solve problems using technology – either with existing technology, or by creating technology to do things we haven’t done before. Let’s face it: I have put together this short video below. Please feel free to share it with colleagues or at conferences. The more […]

Coding "Jump Scare" Halloween Props #CodeBreaker

Coding “Jump Scare” Halloween Props #CodeBreaker

Well, Halloween is just around the corner! What better opportunity to make use of the Micro:Bit accelerometer to build a script that responds to movement. Perhaps you want to make a haunted pumpkin? Perhaps you want to control your porch lights when kids approach? All possible with the Micro:Bit and OnShake command. In this video, […]