Paying Attention to Spatial Reasoning

Paying Attention to Spatial Reasoning
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Paying Attention to Spatial Reasoning

“Spatial thinking is integral to everyday life. People, natural objects, human-made objects, and human-made structures exist somewhere in space, and the interactions of people and things must be understood in terms of locations, distances, directions, shapes, and patterns.”

(National Research Council, 2006, p. 5)

What Is Spatial Reasoning?

“Spatial thinking is powerful. It solves problems by managing, transforming, and analyzing data, especially complex and large data sets, and by communicating the results of those processes to one’s self and to others.”

(National Research Council, 2006, p. 5)

Spatial reasoning can involve:

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Why Is Spatial Reasoning Important?

“Research on spatial reasoning substantiates the critical importance of spatial reasoning abilities in geometry, measurement and problem solving both early in students’ mathematics experiences as well as later in high school and beyond, especially in STEM areas.”

(Shumway, 2013, p. 50)


Paying attention to Spatial Reasoning

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