The Social Distancing App

The Social Distancing App

In this episode we speak to 7th grader Krishiv Shah from Long Island, NY who has invented an app that pings your phone if you get too close to another person. 

Krishiv has managed to leverage existing technology from our phones to create an app that will notify you if you get too close to another person.

What a time to be alive! I learned about this app just two hours ago when his teacher tagged me in a tweet.

I was immediately hooked! It is one of the most anxious times our planet has seen and this 12 year is sharing some wicked positivity.

Shout to his teacher (@anitascheffer), his principal (@BurgetMichelle) and his mom for chatting with me today! OH, and of course – Krishiv!

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I was thinking about how this could be incorporated into more coding programs and the Micro:Bit comes to mind as it has a “Radio” as a numerical value. So, why not code two micro:bits to warn against distance! You got this! A Micro:Bit COVID app!

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