The Road to Awesome!

The Road to Awesome!

In this episode we speak to Colorado Superintendent Darrin Peppard (@DarrinPeppard) about leading a district through a pandemic, drive-thru graduation and his upcoming book called Road To Awesome! 

From Darrin:

Two Roads Diverged and I Took the Road to Awesome!

While Darrin is known for his positive outlook and energy, it hasn’t always been that way during his educational career. There was a point when the negative road was ‘easy street.’

But then these two questions were asked, “Why does it always have to be about what they do wrong? Why can’t it be about what they do right?” This hit Darrin like a bolt of lightning, splitting his path in two…

From that moment on, Darrin has been on the Road To Awesome.

Darrin Peppard is also a motivational speaker, consultant, and leadership coach. Darrin works with organizations and leaders to bring a culture of positive leadership, excellent climate, and results. 

Darrin’s keen insight along with experiences as a superintendent, school principal, teacher and coach will help bring your organization to a new level. Darrin will get you on the Road To Awesome!!

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