The Power of Math Visualization

The Power of Math Visualization


According to Gary Stager, Seymour Papert described Mathland as a place inside of computing where one could learn to be a mathematician as casually as one would learn French by living in France Papert and his team developed LOGO, a programming language, in 1968 to engage youth in mathematics and to program computers to think. He believed students’ ability to think critically would increase if they thought about thinking – and programming a computer to think. Unfortunately, math phobia still exists today and I often wonder if

“I was never good at math”

is a direct result of the methods in which math is evaluated as a score.


Regardless, in the context of “old versus new” math, Like Dan Allen said this week,

I want students to know 2×3=6,

why 2×3=6

and how to apply 2×3=6 to their daily lives

in order to better engage and have them invest in learning.

Check out a great piece by Matthew Oldridge:

In the battle of old versus new ways of teaching math, our kids are suffering Also,

The Power of Visualization in Math

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