The Great Carpool Karaoke Edu Edition Challenge

The Great Carpool Karaoke Edu Edition Challenge


Sometimes I just like to have a little fun. What started as a quick way to simply reflect on my learning (and faster than blogging!) I threw together my first Carpool Karaoke Edu video back in January. Ironically, I drove alone in this “carpool” edition, but hey, whatever. I never expected to it to gain much attention but to my surprise, it did. I have since made a few more (and basically to try my new GoPro) and so have a few others!

So, here is the challenge.

If you don’t blog, start one. If you blog, try a vlog. Why not put yourself out there in a fun sing along that we can all enjoy. Like our school’s saying goes:

“It’s OK to be where you are. It’s not OK to stay there.”

Tweet that.


Are you up for the challenge? (hint hint, wink wink Mistene Clapp).

At the very least, can you give this post a share?



As I look out the windows on this beautiful Sunday morning I can’t help but think it’s the perfect day for a road trip. As educators, we can learn from each other when we communicate our thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Five bucks to the first five people who tweet this post. **



** (Just kidding, I don’t have five bucks.)


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