“Homework” is no Longer Being Done at Home

"Homework" is no Longer Being Done at Home

One of the benefits of an LMS like Google Classroom is that is tracks student progress on your behalf. Yesterday I put this to the test in a little experiment to see if my students were checking our Google Classroom without being prompted.

What is interesting about this situation is the assignment I posted was a math task around multiplying integers – only we didn’t have math yesterday. In fact, I only saw my class for 40 minutes as we have a great rotary schedule.

I am happy to report that by day’s end more than half the class had turned it in. Somewhere in their busy schedule they were checking the site. Sometime between other classes or free time, they were working on it. This is a pretty neat lesson in time management.

Again, it just goes to show how mobile their world is. And with me providing them with digital resources (like the textbook) there is no reason to not have “homework” complete before even going home.

This may be a difficlut process for some to understand. The days of long nights of repetitive math worksheets for “homework” are long gone.

I’d also like to report that I had two girls admit to face-timing each other to complete the task – and you can see from the screenshot two others were collaborating in the comments section. Talk about accountability. Kudos to you four for seeking out required resources.


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