Hallway Connections: Autism and Coding via @maggiefay_

Hallway Connections: Autism and Coding via @maggiefay_

“Follow Lucas and Liam’s coding adventure as they make a new friend! Lucas and Liam have been assigned a coding project by their teacher. At first they are more excited about working in the hallway than doing the project, until they meet Lily, a girl who has autism. The boys learn that not everyone communicates in the same way, but with the hallway coding activity, making friends is easy and fun!”

This is an amazing children’s book and I am incredibly proud to have been included by Maggie. Her words, her ideas, her kindness and her passion for inclusion are incredibly relevant throughout the story.

And to be fair, I might be slightly biased by how awesome I think it is so I’ll leave you with the first three Amazon reviews from day one of the release!

“Maggie Fay is a gifted author as she writes about autism and coding. Lucas and Liam use their coding assignment to make Lily’s, an autistic little girl, walks more fun in the hallway! Through coding and spending time with Lily, they learn that we all communicate differently. I can’t begin to tell you how brilliantly Maggie Fay writes on a sensitive subject and intertwines coding and friendship into a beautifully written story. This book will touch your heart and quickly become a favorite classroom read aloud.
I am loving this book!!!’

“Through the eyes of two young boys, Maggie Fay tells the story of Liam and Lucas and their new friend Lily – a friend who is different than the kids in their class. The boys set off to create coding games for Lily, who they come to understand communicates in very specific ways. Maggie explains Autism in a perfect way for young readers to understand. Hallway Connections teaches an incredible lesson about compassion and acceptance and is a must for all classrooms!”

“Hallway Connections is a beautifully written story that not only shows the value and importance of inclusion but the importance of understanding the perceptions that students have of other students within their own classrooms and within the school. There are so many “yes” moments when reading this book from the understanding of different forms of communication beyond just verbal skills that we all use, the value in building relationships between all students, and PURPOSE. When students have purpose they will exceed your expectations every time. Thank you Maggie for writing this story and sharing it with the world.”

Take a peak for yourself! Grab a copy for your classroom library!


Maggie Fay is a mom of two boys and lives in Milton, Ontario, Canada. Maggie is a public school educator for students with autism and developmental disabilities. In addition to her teaching degree, Maggie has a degree in Disability Studies from Ryerson University. She has a passion for inclusion and removing attitudinal barriers. Hallway Connections is her first book.

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