GradeSlam MIND – Brain to Text Technology Has Arrived!

GradeSlam MIND - Brain to Text Technology Has Arrived!

Here is an amazing example of why we need to teach coding! @GradeSlam now offers THOUGHT to SPEECH technology! Check out this video! # @GradeSlam Mind – If you can think it, you can see it.

From GradeSlam: Personalized learning has never been so easy. At GradeSlam we have developed the latest and greatest in Educational Technology. GradeSlam Mind takes your thoughts and impulses and makes them real. 
Saving you time, energy and confusion.

How will this impact our classrooms?!?

Happy April Fool’s Day! As much of a satire as this might be by today’s standards, it does make me stop and think about what we teach in our classrooms. In reality, if we can think up a gag like this, why can’t we actually create technology that seems so futuristic.

GradeSlam is a Canadian company, based in Montreal. From their website:

Technology should do more than increase the productivity of schooling and the efficiency of evaluating. It should address the discrepancies in academic success encountered by different types of learners who face unique personal challenges.

That’s why we’ve created a suite of tools for schoolsstudents and educators to make every student a successful learner. The service encourages all types of learners to actively and instinctively seek academic help by employing a medium that comes naturally to the modern student – limitless, spontaneous, uninhibited communication through instant messaging.

Our prank went live on twitter this morning. You can follow the thread here:

On a serious note, if you click on BUY NOW, you will be directed to the Alzheimer Society of Canada webpage where you are free to make a donation.

Thank you for playing along! Visit GradeSlam here!

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