Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

While there are a multitude of augmented reality apps, the list below involves those in which students can create and interact with real world and digital world content.

Layar –
Subjects: All

Way better than QR codes – with Layar, any image can be enhanced with digital content.
Easily place links, videos, slideshows and more on top of everyday print materials.

Aurasma –
Subjects: All

Since launching in 2011, Aurasma has quickly risen to become the world’s leading augmented reality platform with over 70,000 customers operating in over 100 countries. Our vision is to enable an augmented world, where every image, object and place has its own Aura. Download the free Aurasma app or become a customer and start changing the way you see and interact with the world today.

Elements 4D –
Subjects: Science

Six beautifully designed blocks that come to life with the Elements4D app using the Periodic Table!

Osmo –
Subjects: Math, LA

Osmo is a unique gaming accessory for the iPad that comes with games that will change the way your child plays.


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