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  1. Sharon Drummond
    Sharon Drummond
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    I absolutely think that systems need people who run ahead of the pack, testing boundaries and going beyond the prescriptive. And I think that people who do this can be exceptionally valuable, both to the system and across systems. The teachers testing boundaries are the reasons that things move forward in a system. They are vital to progress.

    In informal leadership roles, “punk teachers” get others thinking differently and trying new things. It’s fantastic. I do think that when a “punk teacher” moves into a more formal leadership role, it means that the way they go about looking to make change shifts. There is still the pushing and testing boundaries, and there is still a lot of challenging and making others uncomfortable with new ideas. But there is also the realism that comes with the responsibility of helping everyone in a system – including those who are reluctant – to move forward. So a different kind of pushing is needed, and while the rules and boundaries are still challenged, it might be in a completely different way than it was in the classroom. It’s a quieter influence that has a different, but still important, value in moving people forward.  

  2. Bob
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    I was told last year that I was so far in front I was irrelevant. This was by a superior.

    Truth is, I would love NOT to be a punk.

    Great article.


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