Our Scratch Course is LIVE!

Our Scratch Course is LIVE!

Hello, world! Happy Sunday!

As promised, here is the link to our FREE scratch course to celebrate our latest book launch with Block Breaker. Scratch is a wonderful entry point for teachers and students looking to get started with block based coding. And, better yet, it was created by teachers for teachers!

Block Breaker was released this morning and has already hit the #1 spot in STEM Education on Amazon!

And I could not be more excited about this project. Do you play Minecraft? Do your students play Minecraft? Yes, yes they do!

Want to engage them with coding, computational thinking AND Minecraft?

If the answer is YES, pickup a copy of Block Breaker here!

How do you engage learners in the Digital Age?

Engaged students are more likely to internalize learning and apply it to situations beyond the classroom. So how can you get your learners to engage? In Block Breaker, educator Brian Aspinall explains that the wildly popular game Minecraft may be just the right tool for the job.

Sharing his own and other educators’ success with Minecraft (and other programming applications) in the classroom, Brian reveals how these adaptable tools can be leveraged to engage learners and empower them to find success. Why Minecraft?

  • It offers immediate feedback on a personalized learning platform.
  • Inquiry tasks encourage students to collaborate, problem solve, and explore multiple approaches to finding a solution.
  • And it’s a fun way to practice critical thinking and spatial reasoning!

Complete with lesson ideas and learning strategies, Block Breaker will help you tear down barriers and build powerful connections for learning.


In cased you missed our first release, pickup Code Breaker here!


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