Block Breaker – Amplifying Student Voice One Block at a Time!

Block Breaker - Amplifying Student Voice One Block at a Time!

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It gives me great pleasure to announce the final round of edits for Block Breaker are now complete and the final layout designs have begun. I am tremendously grateful for the early reads of many friends and colleagues and the constructive feedback they had to offer during this lengthy process. What began as a simple idea for an Ignite Talk a few years ago has progressed into this beautiful book!

“Brian has yet again challenged us to rethink best practices with regards to pedagogy and twenty-first-century learning. With loads of computational thinking examples using tools like Minecraft, you will be left considering broader themes like numerical grades, homework, and classroom instruction. This is a great read for all educators!”

Alice Keeler, educator, author, and edtech blogger

“I once had a parent ask if Minecraft was actually for homework, or if this was their child’s attempt to avoid ‘actual schoolwork.’ I provided reassurance that Minecraft was indeed an instructional tool used in my classroom, not only in mathematics, but across the curriculum. In Block Breaker, Brian challenges the assumption that Minecraft is simply a game. Readers are asked to consider thinking beyond pedagogical tradition and convention. Brian makes a strong case for moving beyond compliance to tap into students’ potential with authentic, student-driven activities and approaches to learning.”

David Carruthers, educator, learning coordinator, blogger, edtech enthusiast


The story begins with a recount of a very fond memory I have. A memory of a parent, who questioned the system, and by indication, me. You see, his son with autism, did not do well in our classrooms and dad wanted to see if we could go about doing something different in his son’s grade eight year.

“Brian is a natural storyteller, and his new book Block Breaker continues his personal and professional narrative with teaching computational thinking. Brian continues to challenge the status quo about how our classrooms need to be less compliance makers and more curious and competent problem solvers, true empowered learners. Block Breaker provides amazing resources for any educator to implement fun and engaging STEM ideas through Minecraft. It also continues to challenge teachers’ standard lesson designs and pedagogy. The more you read the more you are amazed at the possibilities for our students and how bright our future will look!” 

Jonathan So, Tedx speaker, educator, and lover of bow ties 

“Brian’s candid description of using Minecraft as a tool for learning in the classroom partnered with solid pedagogical delivery is truly a disruptive idea. This book is sure to bring joyful learning and teaching experiences to many students and educators across all subject areas. By highlighting the importance of belonging and celebrating failure, Brian describes how to use the tool of Minecraft to support mathematics instruction along with other subject areas. I didn’t intend to read it in one sitting, but I couldn’t put it down!” 

Cynthia Gozzard, educator, Minecraft global mentor, edtech enthusiast

Without spoiling it too much, I’ll leave you with a few thoughts. Tools will change. Technology will change. Our approaches to teaching and learning should too, not to reflect new tools, but to reflect the ways in which our young people learn, interact and live. It is imperative to meet them where they are, move them forward and never give up on them.

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